James Tuttiett Charitable Trust
James Tuttiett Charitable Trust

Enriching the natural habitat and quality of life for people in the region through its work with the environment, communities, and social welfare organisations.”

James Tuttiett

The Trust

The James Tuttiett Charitable Trust was founded in 2011 and has a mission to support two key areas: protecting and enhancing wildlife through habitat stewardship and Hampshire community led projects.

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Founded and led by entrepreneur and philanthropist James Tuttiett, to date an endowment exceeding £4 million has been established and more than 150 donations have been made to support 80 charitable causes.

In 2018 the Trustees decided to donate a more significant proportion of its awards to a smaller, targeted number of recipients. This has enabled the Trust to make a more significant difference and the Trustees to be more focused in their support. Whilst continuing its involvement with the dedicated causes, the Trust is also actively planning participation in a substantial UK based re-naturing project.

Our Trustees

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James Tuttiett

James Tuttiett is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Hampshire. He is the Founder, and now the Chairman of the TMW and E&J Group, a UK-based property company. James has worked in residential and commercial property for over 35 years. More recently he has turned his focus towards his charitable trust and established an environmentally friendly vineyard.

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Amelia Tuttiett

Amelia Tuttiett is an artist and ceramicist from Hampshire. Like James, she has grown up and lived throughout her life in Hampshire and has a deep appreciation for its community and countryside. Her work is largely inspired by nature, and since studying Fine Art at Chichester University she has successfully exhibited since 2004 and runs pottery classes locally.

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