James Tuttiett Charitable Trust
James Tuttiett Charitable Trust
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The James Tuttiett Charitable Trust is concerned about the state of Britain’s nature and reversing species decline throughout the country through innovative approaches to conservation such as re-naturing. The Trust is proud of its support of local charities dedicated to protecting the local environment, including the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT) and the South Downs Trust (SDT).

Wildlife support

South Downs Trust

Both James Tuttiett and Amelia, his wife, have served as founding trustees of the South Downs Trust and the JTCT has provided financial support, initially with matched funding to establish an endowment.

This early gift helped the South Downs Trust build momentum and confidence for a successful fundraising campaign and subsequent funding assistance has provided specific project support.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

The Trust has been pleased to provide financial support to the HIWWT assisting with its ongoing costs whilst carrying out its invaluable work in the preservation and conservation of the habitat and wildlife of the region.

Re-Naturing Project

The Trust is actively seeking participation, collaboration or outright purchase of a substantial area of land suitable for a re-naturing project. This is seen as an opportunity for the James Tuttiett Charitable Trust to make a considerable and lasting contribution to the provision of habitat for the benefit of wildlife. The Trust will strive to provide this haven space for nature in perpetuity.

The JTCT is interested to hear from potential partners, collaborators or those with potentially suitable land for such a project within the UK.