James Tuttiett Charitable Trust
James Tuttiett Charitable Trust

Winchester Hospice

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We are so grateful to the James Tuttiett Charitable Trust for their wonderful support – we wouldn’t have been able to make the hospice dream come true without the kindness of people like James and Amelia.”

Rachel Lock

Clinical Matron, Winchester Hospice

Winchester Hospice supports individuals and their families with compassionate and specialist care, delivering it on site and in the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As well as providing in-patient care, the hospice acts as a hub for specialist palliative care in the community through outpatient services, therapies and caring for people in their own homes. This ‘hospice at home’ service operates throughout the night, supporting people being cared for wherever they choose. Patients can also come to the hospice for symptom control or to receive medications that can’t be administered at home.

Having a hospice based in Winchester reduces the amount of time patients and their families have to spend travelling or feeling a long way from home, so more time can be spent with the people who mean the most. The Winchester Hospice provides safe, comfortable and relaxed environments for patients and their families to enjoy time together which include kitchens, sitting rooms and ensuite bedrooms.